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Diocesan and parish leaders beef up preparedness and security efforts following a series of criminal strikes against local churches

By Natalie Romano 

 A priest shot, a stained glass window smashed, a church set on fire, and a parish tagged with hate speech.

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The Diocese stages first formal gathering in the state for local V Encuentro dialogue

By Ashley Elizabeth Limon

RIVERSIDE—More than 1,300 Catholics representing 52 parishes of the Diocese came together on August 19th for the local gathering of the V Encuentro at Riverside City College.

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By Malie Hudson

 Every Sunday around 2 p.m., children from the Syro-Malabar Catholic Community busily help their parents prepare for a liturgy celebrated completely in Malayalam, a language spoken predominantly in the Kerala region of India. 

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 With the release of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical, Laudato Si, now more than two years past, Diocesan leaders are looking to give new, local life to the Holy Father’s call for responsible stewardship of the earth.

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 Is working as a minister of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of San Bernardino just another job?

 To many, the answer to this question would be an obvious ‘no.’

 At the same time, a need has been identified to help employees of parishes, Catholic schools and the Diocesan Pastoral Center keep focused on the mission of the Diocese as they go about their daily work. Beginning this ministerial year, a new Diocesan Office of Mission Integration will be charged with setting this focus.

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