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By Malie Hudson

 At the Bishop’s Dinner on April 7, Bishop Gerald Barnes will recognize six individuals and one ministry with the Amar Es Entregarse Award, given to those who embody his episcopal motto, “Love is the total giving of one self.” 

 This is the second in a two-part series that profiles the extraordinary work by these individuals and groups. 

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KLHS Who are the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre? What do they do? Can I become a member? 

 If you have ever come across a member of the Holy Sepulchre, especially when vested in black and whites capes at a Diocesan liturgy, these questions are often asked. Like anything that is unknown or new to a person, curiosity gets the best of us. In this case it is good! 

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RE Youth DayANAHEIM—Thousands of Catholics from the Diocese of San Bernardino were among the more than 40,000 who gathered together March 15-19 for the LA Religious Education Congress. 

 With over 300 workshops and 200 speakers, topics ranged from self-development to art to spirituality. This year, the 61st annual Congress, offered 14 different Eucharistic Liturgies. There were free exhibits, including nearly 600 booths, free entertainment, and sacred spaces. To kick off the event, some 15,000 youth gathered on Thursday for the annual Youth Day. 

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Community Prayer Vigils offer prayer and support to family and friends of murder victims

By Natalie Romano

 On a cold rainy night in January, mourners gather outside an Ontario convenience store. They circle around the urn of a 16 year old that was recently stabbed to death on the very spot where they now stand. His mother and friends wear solemn faces as a priest leads them in prayer and song.

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Bishop Barnes invites parish input on his successor

SAN BERNARDINO—Who will be the next Bishop of the Diocese of San Bernardino?

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Diocesan videographer Brianna Arambula chronicles her recent journey to Cuba to meet her great grandmother for the first time

By Brianna Arambula

HABANA, CUBA—The first time I saw an image of Christ while visiting the island was at my great grandmother’s apartment in Central Habana.

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