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 On Feb. 18-19, the Diocesan Office of Charismatic Renewal celebrated its 2017 Opening Congress at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino. With this event, this ministry initiated the great Golden Jubilee Celebration for Charismatic Renewal. It is 50 years from the birth of this Pentecost experience in our Catholic Church. 

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SAN BERNARDINO—In a time of social divisions and general uncertainty, the Diocese used its annual Combined Vicariate Meetings to re-emphasize its four core values – Hospitality, Faith Sharing, Reconciliation and Collaboration – as a means to foster unity and effective communication among local Catholics.

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SAN BERNARDINO—The annual Diocesan Combined Vicariate meetings will be held in February at the Diocesan Pastoral Center in San Bernardino.

 The gatherings of Diocesan priests, religious, deacons, pastoral coordinators and parish staffs serves as an opportunity to pray, reflect, interact and collaborate.

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