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SAN BERNARDINO—Mary Ann Andel and Estela Sanchez will receive the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross award at the annual Diocesan Award ceremony on May 19 at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral.

 The Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross award is the highest honor bestowed upon a layperson in the Church by the Vatican.

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By Mary Huber

 The Mother’s Day Rose Sale is a project that started over 20 years ago at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Chino Hills. The day before Mother’s Day, members of the Respect Life Ministry joined then Director of Pro Life Catholic Ministries, Marie Widmann, to assemble rose bouquets in her living room. 

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By Malie Hudson

 The old proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is especially true for children whose parents are incarcerated.  

 Get on the Bus (GOTB), a program that brings children and their families to visit their mothers and fathers in prison, has become an important part of that “village.” 

 “Some of the families are in very bad straits because the process has depleted their funds,” said Anna Hamilton, Associate Director for the Diocesan Office of Restorative Justice, who oversees GOTB at the diocesan level. 

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By Natalie Romano

 You send someone a gift; you get a thank you letter. Not surprising. 

 You send a gift to the Pope, who knows what will happen? 

 Dr. William Abersold of Highland can tell you. Last November, the author and Ph.D sent his book “Words about God” to Pope Francis. Then waited and waited. The agony ended in April when the mail arrived with an envelope marked the Vatican. Abersold couldn’t believe his eyes.

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SAN BERNARDINO—The Diocesan Department of Life, Dignity and Justice, which carries out the social mission of the Church, locally, has been restructured to address emerging ministry needs.

 The Department is now comprised of six ministries: Respect Life and Pastoral Care Programs, Community Service and Outreach Programs, Education and Formation Programs, Advocacy and Justice for Immigrants Programs, the Office of Restorative Justice and the Office of Life, Dignity and Justice.

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