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Coloring book helps kids celebrate Bishop Barnes’ 25th Anniversary

School News

 Young children of the Diocese now have a vehicle to learn about and celebrate Bishop Gerald Barnes’ 25th Episcopal Anniversary – a coloring and activity book.

 The 20-page, bilingual book features pictures and corresponding descriptions designed to teach young ones about the ministry of Bishop Barnes, including his coat of arms and his Episcopal Motto, “Amar Es Entregarse,” which means, “love is the total giving of one’s self.” It also offers familiar activities such as connect the dot drawings and a maze. Children are invited to draw their own coat of arms on one page of the coloring book.

 Diocesan Graphic Designer Jimmy Ramirez created the coloring book working with Mary Jansen, Diocesan Director of the Ministry of Educational Services Department, on its content. The Vocations Office of the Diocese helped to pay for the printing of the coloring book by sharing funds it received through a grant from Serra International Foundation and Diocesan Serra Clubs.

 “We wanted the children to share in this wonderful celebration of our Bishop’s 25th Anniversary,” said Jansen. “This is an age-appropriate way for them to learn about his ministry and about the beauty and importance of vocations. We hope this book sparks discussion between parents and their children about their calling from God.”

 The coloring book will be distributed to all younger age children enrolled in parish religious education programs in the Diocese as well as to lower grade students in local Catholic schools. A copy of the coloring book can also be downloaded for printing from the Diocesan web site.