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 The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the World Apostolate of Fatima will be visiting the Diocese of San Bernardino from March 7 through April 2.

 The statue is a hand-carved image of Our Lady of Fatima that was given to the United States by the Bishop of Fatima in 1967 and was blessed by Pope Paul VI during his visit to Fatima that same year.

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By Natalie Romano

RIVERSIDE—Conventional wisdom says never talk about religion and politics but local Catholics did just that, following Bishop Gerald Barnes call for post-election prayer and fasting over the 18 days leading up to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

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By David Okonkwo

 Black history month comes around every year. Most of us do the same thing we do every year. But this year we ask that we add something to our usual or start something new for the greater good. We are calling for a more “arms open wide” kind of relationship, extending our hands to our neighbors, to all peoples, immigrants, across culture even in the cloud of our unknowns about the “other.” 

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The second of three articles advises on how to find a Spiritual Director

By Lenora Grimaud

 Spiritual Directors usually do not advertise. Unlike therapists, they don’t go into private practice and put out their shingle. 

 However, one can call the Diocese or their parish priest. The Diocese has a list of all certified Spiritual Directors in the Diocese. Some parishes have a list of Spiritual Directors in their parish. Retreat Centers also often have a list of Spiritual Directors they can refer.

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