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SAN BERNARDINO—During a Lenten Mass at Holy Rosary Academy this year, Father Hieu Trong Nguyen explained to the students the season of Lent is a time for sacrifices.  It is a time to give up something and give to someone else.  Father Hieu challenged the students to pick a charity and raise money for that charity during Lent.  He promised that he would also donate money to help any class that took on the Lenten challenge.

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SAN BERNARDINO—Aquinas High School has received the honor of being chosen the “Best Private School in San Bernardino County 2012” by the Sun Readership Awards.  The Administration and faculty are, needless to say, very proud of this award which comes directly from the community.  With the steady stream of physical improvements to the campus, the continuation of all courses, and the sports teams continually making a name for themselves, Aquinas is already at more than 100 freshmen applying for the fall, and the school expects more.

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