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By Elyse Shafer
Fourth Grade Teacher
St. James Catholic School

—What happens when you have surgery, and you can’t make it to school for an extended length of time? 

 Vincent Alvarez, a student in my fourth grade class at St. James School, is finding out!  Each day, Vincent tunes in, via computer, to participate in Math class.  He asks questions, shares answers, views board work, and collaborates with his classmates. 

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By Raquel Vazquez
Fourth Grade Teacher
St. Theresa School

 It seems like just yesterday that we began a new school year.  A whole new group of “inquiring minds” ready to learn and discover.  

 But every class is unique and different.  What would this class love?  What would this class embrace with passion?  And, how would I tap into that passion? 

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RIVERSIDE—Notre Dame High School will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee on January 31st at the Riverside Convention Center Raincross Ballroom.

 Community members, school leadership, parents, students, alumni and some very special guests will gather to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Notre Dame’s founding.

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