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By Esther Proa
Legion of Mary President

NEEDLES—In January when St. Ann Parish Legion of Mary Praesidium gave its annual report, the parish was informed that it is the only parish in the San Bernardino/Riverside Comitium to have an active Junior Legion of Mary.

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By Gina Roquet

SAN BERNARDINO—The American Scholar Education Exchange Institution (ASEEI) asked Aquinas High School to meet with Chinese School Administrators to further expand their exchange student relationship, and Dr. Jim Brennan, Aquinas High School President, took them up on what he called an “unexpected offer.”

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By Molly Moreno and Stephanie Brady

RIVERSIDE—Notre Dame High School is a spirited community, where friends, family and alumni come together to share their love of sports, academics and faith. The Notre Dame Community stands apart from other schools because of the close relationships they share and the support they receive from one another. And at the heart of ND’s spirit, is the Notre Dame Cheer squad! The 30 cheerleaders make up two squads, JV and Varsity, that are out to support their athletic sports on campus and also be spirit leaders for their community. 

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SAN JACINTO—This year, St. Hyacinth Academy was one of ten schools participating in the Up and Atom Competition. The theme was AIR, and the task was to create the most efficient paintball dart to hit a bull’s eye 10 meters away. This competition is designed for eighth graders to show off their building talents. But, because St. Hyacinth is a smaller school in comparison to the others, sixth and seventh graders were invited to participate as well.

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By Sophia Marrero
Grade 6, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Riverside

RIVERSIDE—Imagine it, your sneakers press the coiled rocks and your mind still rests with daydreams as you walk with an easy steadiness.  Your eyes suddenly flicker and wade with the crystal pond of amazement that was brought before them - art.

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