Mon, Jan

OLPH Riverside puts STREAM projects on display


RIVERSIDE—On Nov. 17 students from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Riverside showcased projects demonstrating the integration of the school’s STREAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Religion/Reading, Arts, Math) program in kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms.

 The exhibits on display included coding Kibo robots to dance to a specific song, constructing towers for sound building properties, building model rockets using properties of physics including propulsion and aerodynamics, engineering dams to protect homes, mapping topography; exploring multicellular organisms; and concepts of force, motion, potential energy, kinetic energy, friction and gravity.   All lessons were documented and some are being continued for further results. 

 School families and friends were able to explore and experience the final results of the students’ efforts. 

 OLPH looks forward to the completion of a STREAM lab in February 2018.  The lab aims to provide students with endless possibilities in becoming great innovators and developers.