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St. James Catholic School, Perris

About My School

By Kayla Lara
Grade 7

PERRIS—Hello, my name is Kayla Lara and I attend St. James Catholic School in Perris. I am in the seventh grade and am involved in many programs. These activities include altar serving, basketball and Builder’s Club. I am overly excited about being involved in these programs because they remind me of how much I love St. James.


 At St. James Catholic School we go to Mass every Wednesday. A different class each week says the readings and hosts the Mass. Once in a while I altAr serve for these Masses and sing in the school choir. Our pastor, Father Gomez, says homilies that are intriguing and help me to learn more about my Catholic faith.

 I extremely love the sports program at St. James. The coaches really care about you and care about you learning the fundamentals of the sport you are playing. In this program I play basketball. We recently changed to the Inland Catholic Sports League (ICSL) to play other Catholic schools in our area. I really like how we pray to our Lord before each game so we can be safe during the competition. Playing sports really helps build my self-confidence and teaches me how to be a team player.

 Builder’s Club is a program in which students do Christian service projects. I have the privilege to be a Builder’s Club officer and help organize some of the projects we do, such as: Shoe Boxes for Soldiers, Advent Angels, Thanksgiving Food Drive and Pennies for Patients. It makes me feel good to reach out to the community and the world around me.

 The faculty and the staff at St. James Catholic School are amazing. They teach me skills I will need in my future and a little extra just because they care. I really get a sense that they enjoy teaching at a Catholic school and being around their students.

 I am really glad to be part of St. James School. There are so many activities to join and so many opportunities to excel in religious and academic areas that you will not regret your choice of coming to this school. GO IRISH!