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St. Theresa School, Palm Springs

About My School

By Trisha Dioleste
8th Grade

PALM SPRINGS—I attend St. Theresa School in Palm Springs. I love going there because I feel so safe and comfortable around everybody. They’re practically my second family. I know so many students in school and vice versa, and I never had that experience in the public schools I once attended. The teachers and our principal, Mrs. Corey, are so helpful and kind to us. I think that the teachers, Mrs. Corey, and all the students help make this school extraordinary.


 The first thing I look forward to doing at school is seeing my friends. They are brilliant people whom I know I can always turn to for advice. I’m grateful to them because they’ve helped me many times when I didn’t know what to do. They were friendly and amiable to me even though I was shy and didn’t talk much. They are the best friends that I could ever want.

 I also look forward to going to prayer service or a Mass on Friday with my buddy. My buddy is a kindergartner who is so energetic and cute and sometimes hard to control, but I love her. I think it’s great that our school pairs you with the younger students so that you can be role models for them and teach them how to be better people. My school has peer tutoring, too. I tutor a sixth grader, and I think it’s wonderful because I get the chance to help people with their homework that I knew I had some trouble with before, too.

 The teachers and our principal at St. Theresa School are excellent as well. Mrs. Corey comes up with the rules that make our school safe. Everyone loves her and the teachers, too. You can go to the teachers for help with homework, and they will make it so much easier to understand what to do. The teachers teach me the subjects that I need to know for success in high school. However, there are also extracurricular classes like drama, Spanish, and computers.

 In computer class, we are currently making videos about our school. We use programs like iMovie and Garage Band. In drama we are doing monologues, which I think is a good experience because I would like to take drama classes in the future. In Spanish class we learn to write, translate, and speak Spanish, and we also learn about the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

 I love my school, and I don’t think that the knowledge and life lessons that I received from attending this school would have been acquired from any other school. Our school is one great big family, and I am saddened by the thought of leaving it to go on to high school, but I know that next year’s eighth grade will make terrific role models for the younger kids.