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Resurrection Academy, Fontana

About My School

By Nicholas Diaz
Grade 8

FONTANA—Hello, my name is Nicholas Diaz and I am an 8th grader at Resurrection Academy in Fontana. Resurrection Academy has shaped me into the scholar, athlete, and person I am today. Currently, I am the student body president and a member of the academic decathlon team. Being in student council has taught me great leadership skills. Being a part of the academic decathlon team expands my knowledge in many academic areas and helps me build teamwork qualities. The education at Resurrection is fantastic and has prepared me for high school. It has been hard work but it will pay off in my future endeavors.


 The faculty and staff at Resurrection Academy have been very helpful. The teachers have encouraged me to pursue my dreams, accept much bigger challenges than I am used to, and to constantly strive to do better in my academics. The teachers have also encouraged me to take bigger leadership roles in school and in my personal life. Since Resurrection Academy is a small school, we are very close to both faculty and peers. This works to our advantage in that there are fewer students in each classroom. 

 Here at Resurrection we are also taught to embrace kids from different countries and with different abilities. Last year we hosted students from China. They joined our classroom for a week to see what American life was like. Some students even open their homes to the Chinese students. We have also welcomed a student with autism. He felt welcome and we enjoyed learning from him as well. The teachers helped him in every way necessary. He became my friend.

 Resurrection Academy is amazing. Every Friday the entire school goes to Mass at Blessed John XXIII. Each week different classes prepare the Mass. Our teachers are very informative and enthusiastic about our religion. They truly have helped me understand who God is and what role he plays in my life. The school encourages students to become altar servers. I myself am an altar server. This has been helpful in learning more about Mass and my faith. Also, you can altar serve on Sundays for community service hours. The school requires students to serve the community at least 10 hours every school year.

 I truly am thankful that I have attended Resurrection Academy for so long. It is my home away from home. I have made friends, learned lessons, and found a part of me that I will never forget. All I can say is thank you Resurrection Academy; you will always be a part of me for I was, I am, and I will forever be a Resurrection Academy Rebel.