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St. Catherine of Alexandria, Riverside

About My School

By Hannah Bradvica
Grade 7

RIVERSIDE—St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish in Riverside was founded in 1946, and just eight years later in 1954, the school was founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa. The order’s main goal was to establish a strong religious and academic atmosphere for elementary level children. Since the school’s founding, St. Catherine has expanded to include middle school grades as well as adding many extracurricular activities for the student body.


 Brian Mendoza and Kaitlyn Barron both stated, “SCA has a great education for everyone. The teachers are kind and on task. We also like the technology such as Eno Boards and computer presentations.” 

 One of the highlights of St. Catherine is our music program where children learn skills from singing to playing instruments in our band. Our athletics program gives students opportunities to participate in various sports throughout the year, and several teams have gone on to championships. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Academic Decathlon, Student Council and the Science Fair. St. Catherine offers many extracurricular activities to enhance the development of the entire child.

 The biggest and most exciting fundraiser we have is the festival. Katie Banks, a seventh grader at St. Catherine School said, “I really enjoy the festival for the excitement it brings with the best rides, games, booths, and food.”  

 We have great teachers and extracurricular activities, but the best thing about our school is the family atmosphere. Together with Christian-centered programs, it helps young people grow in God. St. Catherine of Alexandria School has graduated over 50 eighth grade classes and remains an institution of high expectations with an education focused on a religious and family-centered atmosphere for each and every student.