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Sacred Heart, Rancho Cucamonga

About My School

By Vivian Nguyen 

RANCHO CUCAMONGA—The future for society begins with who you are in the present. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the great support and foundation my parents lovingly gave me. I attended Sacred Heart Catholic School in Rancho Cucamonga for seven years and graduated in June. The education value emphasized at Sacred Heart greatly impacted me as an individual. I learned new study habits and gained greater knowledge in different subjects. I’ve learned lasting qualities that will carry me throughout life.


 The teachers a Sacred Heart encouraged me to take on bigger leadership roles, giving me opportunities to enhance my skills. Not only have these teachers showed me how I can be a better student, they’ve also helped me understand my identity as a Catholic. As Religious Commissioner and piano accompanist I feel I understand better how my life unfolds in God’s plan.

 Sacred Heart is what I know as home. Sacred Heart has nourished me through the school and parish, but the people are what make Sacred Heart a family. The teachers, priests, staff, students and especially the principal, Mrs. Meins, play a part to make Sacred Heart the great environment it is today. Together we share a connection through faith and find ways of expressing our love for the Lord. The students are free-spirited and aim for their dreams with their versatile talents. Not only have the teachers helped us grow academically and spiritually, they’ve helped us emotionally. They truly resemble models of what Christ wants us to be.

 I’m very grateful to have attended Sacred Heart and I know I will live out its great lessons. Sacred Heart has showed me who I am as a Catholic, student, piano accompanist and friend and what I can become. Sacred Heart is home and I know that Sacred Heart will always be with me for I am forever an SHS Bulldog.