OLPH School wins national coding competition


 The Coding Team at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Riverside took first place in a national competition.
 CodeMonkey’s Code Rush is an annual computer coding competition for third through eighth graders in the U.S and Canada, drawing hundreds of schools and thousands of students each year. In this competition, teams will play through 150 challenges, covering programming topics such as objects, functions, simple loops, variables, arrays and for-loops.

 The OLPH Jr. Coders team (not pictured) is Ana Sofia Ramirez, Alejandra Barragan, Samantha Kimble, Nicolas Veasley, Alex Rodriguez, Joshua Frazier, Daniel Romero 3rd, Theodore Virgil and John Tran. 
 OLPH offers coding to all students kindergarten through eighth grade. Most of middle and junior high students have surpassed the block coding offered through code.org and are moving on to writing coding for python and java scrip.