Spreading the faith one rock at a time


RIVERSIDE—Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Riverside is excited to share our adventures in Caring for Creation as we promote “Jesus is our rock!” 

 We’ve already been awarded the “Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful Award” and found a meaningful way to share our School-wide Learning Expectation  by sharing God’s message to show stewardship of the earth.       

 This year for Catholic Schools Week, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School invited students to do some inspirational rock painting.  The idea behind it is for each student to exercise their creativity while sharing positive messages of our Catholic faith with others.  Every student was given a rock and asked to paint a positive message or word that might inspire and bring joy to another person.  

 On the other side of the rock a simple message is painted asking the finder to keep or rehide the rock and to post a picture of the rock to our OLPH Facebook page.  The children were asked to place these rocks anywhere within their community so that a stranger may randomly come across the rock.  By doing this, we can watch our rocks travel and spread the word of God!  

 We are hoping this will bring attention to our Catholic Faith as well as some much needed happiness in this world.  According to third grader Colton Dufour and his sister, first grader Olivia Durfour, “We really want people to find our rocks  and hope to see them on Facebook.”  #olphrocks