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St. Catherine of Siena School celebrates Patroness

School News

RIALTO—On April 28th, students, parents and faculty of St. Catherine of Siena School gathered in the afternoon to honor their patroness, whose Feast Day was the next day, a Saturday. 

 Despite the heavy winds at the beginning, the event was charged with fun and learning—distant laughs could be heard from the Potato Sack Miracle, a teamwork activity and at the Handle With Care station, where runners exchanged a delicate balloon under chin. A special mention should be made of the fourth grade class that helped set up the stations and the eighth grade class that bravely monitored them. 

 Each of the school’s classes and their teachers worked hard in portraying one aspect of St. Catherine of Siena’s life with unique art projects displayed in a Walk of the Saints station. Here we learned that she is considered a Doctor of the Church, a Dominican Religious, Patron Saint of Nurses, a twin with 24 siblings, servant of the poor and the sick, had the stigmata, and received a wedding ring from the Lord in her mystical vision.