Lake Arrowhead Fatima Shrine to be rededicated


LAKE ARROWHEAD—On October 8, Auxiliary Bishop Rutilio del Riego will rededicate the Our Pilgrim Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lake Arrowhead.

 Mountain residents, after having been personally affected by the World Wars, commissioned sculptor José Ferreira Thedim to design and sculpt the shrine.

 Thedim, an eye witness to the Fatima miracle, sketched the replicate grotto and placement of the figures of the Shrine.


 Volunteers of the 817th Combat Engineers and airmen from March Air Force Base, Riverside built the site, an outdoor altar chapel, and amphitheather.

 The figures were all carved of white Estremoz marble from the actual site of the apparition and the Shrine was approved by Sister Lucia as the “most authentic representation of Our Lady, in her vision.”

 The statue received the Apostolic blessing of Bishop Jose Correia Da Silva of Leiria/Fatima and it was brought to the mountain location by the R.C. Harwell and Gene Lockhart families.

 The Shrine was originally dedicated on August 16, 1953.