Priests to serve as vicariate level vocations directors


 With the departure of Father Javier Gonzales-Cabrera for a three-year educational sabbatical in Rome, the Diocese is adopting a new structure to carry out its ministry of vocations.

 Sister Sarah Shrewsbury, O.S.C., continues to lead the Office of Vocations as its Director and she will now work with 13 different priests serving as Vicariate Vocations Directors. The priests will be responsible for leading discussion and generally promoting vocations at Vicariate meetings, talking to those interested in the priesthood or religious life from any parish in their vicariate and, in some cases, leading monthly discernment meetings and vicariate vocational retreats.

 The Priest Vocation Directors for the Hemet Vicariate are Father Fidel Rivero, Father Johnny Dang and Father José Antonio Orozco. The Priest Vocation Directors for the High Desert Vicariate are Father Ciro Libanati and Father James Gibson, C.R. Father Luis Guido and Father Peter Phan will serve as Vocations Directors in the Low Desert Vicariate while Father Kien Kieu and Father Alwyn Anfone will serve as Vocation Directors in the Riverside Vicariate. The West End Vicariate will be served by Father Juan Sandoval, Father Tomás Guillén and Father Carlos Martinez as Vocations Directors. Father Hau Vu, Father Alex Rodarte, Father Toan Pham and Father Dominic Vu will serve as Vocations Directors in the San Bernardino Vicariate.