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DDF Annual Appeal offers us journey into discipleship

Diocesan News

By Theresa Montminy

 The answer to the question of who we are as Catholics has been answered by the faithful in the Diocese of San Bernardino. 

 “We, the Church of San Bernardino, are a community of believers in Jesus the Christ, called to impact family, neighborhood, and society with the Gospel so that people’s lives are filled with hope!”

 The vision statement of our Diocese reflects on our identity as disciples of Jesus, followers of Christ. As Christians, we believe that there are deep and reliable answers to the questions of how we should live and what values grow out of our choices.

 As Catholics, we do not make our way through life alone, but as members of God’s family, His Church. The 2016 Diocesan Development Fund (DDF) Annual Appeal truly represented that we are united in our understanding of what is important. To be Catholic is to recognize the role of the Church as the very means created and given to us by Jesus so that His work, accomplished in His Death and Resurrection, might be represented in our day and applied to us.

 Today, we want to say, Thank You! Two little words that can never be said enough. I offer them in gratitude for all you’ve done to support the Church in the two county region of San Bernardino and Riverside through the 2016 DDF Annual Appeal. We were able to reach the annual appeal goal of $5.17 million, thanks to your generosity. What was even more exciting was that all of our parishes, 100% of you, exceeded your goal and the revenue over diocesan goal was returned to your parish to be used for needed ministries and repairs.

 This DDF Annual Appeal is essential not only to sustain but also to grow ministries throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino. So much can be accomplished when we come together, uniting in the spirit and in faith to care for our brothers and sisters in need.

 You have inspired a sense of hopefulness and excitement. The future is ours to make, and opportunities for spiritual renewal and conversion abound and are ever present. There is a true sense that “Life as a Catholic is a journey into discipleship.”

 Now, “Transformed by the Spirit” it’s up to each of us to seize this moment by committing our hearts, our minds, and our souls to meet, know and love Christ as we work together to fully realize the vision, mission and Sacramental life of the Church.

 Thank you for your continued support in the DDF Annual Appeal in 2017.

Theresa Montminy is Director of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of San Bernardino.