By Maria Covarrubias

 Have you ever wondered how an unbaptized adult or child over seven years old becomes Catholic? How people from other faiths are received into full communion with the Catholic Church? Most of our parishes provide the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, commonly called RCIA. The RCIA process is open to unbaptized adults and children over seven years old as well as for baptized people from other denominations who wish to enter the Catholic Church. The RCIA process includes four stages as well as specific rituals that mark those stages within the Christian Initiation, in accord with the restoration of the integral catechumenate decreed by the Second Vatican Council. 

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By Maria Covarrubias

 Lent is a liturgical season beginning on Ash Wednesday that lasts 40 days. This is a special time of preparation for Easter.  During Lent the Word of God and the external symbols like ashes and the color purple tell us that we are on a journey that should cause us to take a deep look at our lives and find those areas in need of conversion.  Lent invites us to pray, fast and give alms with the purpose of increasing our fidelity to God and those around us, increasing our willingness to renounce what we do not need, and bringing us into generous solidarity with the poor and those in need. 

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By Mario Martinez 

 These holidays are an ideal time to celebrate and discern about our family life and our marriage...

 The Christian believer feels and lives in the depths of his being the goodness and strength of God, which drives him to work as a collaborator in reaching the fullness of life. Christianity is shaped by values such as love, joy, communication and respect.

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By Mario and Paola Martinez

 Marriage is a vocation in which the intimate love of spouses reflects the love that God has for his Church. This love is exclusive, indissoluble, and expressed profoundly in the relationship between a husband and his wife. The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes this love in a beautiful way: “Conjugal love involves a totality, in which all the elements of the person enter – appeal of the body, and instinct, power and feeling and affectivity, aspiration of the spirit and of will. It aims at a deeply personal unity, a unity that beyond union in one flesh, leads to forming one heart and one soul; it demands indissolubility and faithfulness, in definitive mutual giving; and it is open to fertility…” (CCC 1643).

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