By Sr. Mary Garascia, C.P.P.S.

 When I was a little girl, our family had great parents and lots of kids but not much money. And so my creative parents, who could not afford to buy us a Christmas tree, invented the story of the orphan tree. It went like this:

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By Sister Mary Garascia

 The curse of faith! A French theologian, name long forgotten, used this phrase repeatedly in a course on ecclesiology I once took at Fordham University. By faith he did not mean faith in God. He meant faith in the Catholic Church. A good Catholic, he said, always has one foot in and one foot out!

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Sister Mary Garascia, C.P.P.S.

 Sometimes I wish I were a great sinner so I could feel more at home at Mass! Does anyone else cringe at saying “I confess… that I have greatly sinned…through my most grievous fault”? Do you, like me, search in vain for a great sin and the malicious intent of “grievous fault?” Like me do you wonder, “Am I just rationalizing?

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By Sr. Mary Garascia

 It was Monday before Thanksgiving. I was a parish faith formation director, but also a part time student in theology. 

 Now within the larger University, the school of theology had many resident students and a family like atmosphere. It had been the custom on Mondays that each of the professors took a turn having their class sponsor “entertainment” at a community lunch in the great hall.

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