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Sr. Mary Garascia 

 Sexual harassment has dominated the news in the last three or four months. It got me thinking about how far we still need to go to understand our sexuality and to better form our young people to be successful lovers. 

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By Sr. Mary Garascia

 It was nearly Christmas a few years ago, and I was visiting people at a community meal, part of our parish’s family faith formation program. At one table there was a young Dad with his eight-year-old daughter. 

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By Sr. Mary Garascia, C.P.P.S.

 The Noah’s Ark story, says Franciscan Richard Rohr, has an element most people never notice: after the animals enter the ark, God closes them in together (Gen 7:16)-- God puts all the natural animosities, all the opposites together, and holds them in one place.

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By Sr. Mary Garascia, C.P.P.S.

 June 11, Trinity Sunday, is a solemn Feast Day in our liturgical calendar. What this doctrine of Trinity means is very difficult to say! Theologian Elizabeth Johnson says that the

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