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St. Catherine of Siena, Rialto

About My School

By Anthony Ramos
Grade 8

RIALTO—St. Catherine of Siena Parish School is great. The office staff, teachers, and students are cool. The office staff keeps all the school behavior problems in check. The teachers are very kind, compassionate about their jobs, and they always make sure the students are successful in learning the standards. Our student body is nice and makes newcomers feel welcome. The students each have a different personality, making the school interesting, with a variety of colorful spirits.


 Our school has lots of activities for students to join. All of the sports activities the school has are very nice as well. We have flag football, basketball, volleyball, track and, for the first time, soccer. The school also has an academic decathlon team, which we can join each year. During decathlon we study all the core subjects, including current events and logic. Eighth graders are required to complete 20 community service hours before graduation. School holidays are celebrated and are fun. One of our favorites is Wacky Dress Day. Last, but not least, we enjoy field trips to museums and other places.

 Our principal, Mr. Landin, is very cool and really likes to read comic books. Because of that, once a year we normally have a Comic Book Day in which we each 

dress up as our favorite superheroes and get a free comic book.

 St. Catherine of Siena Parish School is very close to the parish and once a week one of the classes from grades 3-8 hosts a Mass. This is what brings us closer to God and helps us find the true meaning of discipleship.

 As you can see, St. Catherine of Siena Parish School is a great school and teaches us all we need to know to be able to get to high school and college. Our school teaches us to make moral decisions, respect everyone, and help those in need. St. Catherine’s is like my second home and so it is very precious to me and I hope to visit when I’m in high school. I also hope to send my children to St. Catherine of Siena Parish School, so they will appreciate and learn about their religion.