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By Andres Rivera
Staff Writer

SAN BERNARDINO—In an announcement made May 22, Bishop Gerald Barnes named Sister Sara Kane, C.S.J., the new chancellor of the diocese. She began her appointment July 1.

 “I stand on the shoulders of so many good people of the past,” Sr. Kane said. “I humbly offer my passion to really assist Bishop Barnes in any way I can for God’s people.” 

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By Marie Widmann

VICTORVILLE—The enormous big rig accelerated into the intersection as the light changed from red to green. The truck driver raised his arm high, pulling down hard on his horn which blared in support as he drove past the families lining Palmdale Road bearing signs declaring “No Planned Parenthood in Victorville” and “Women Deserve Better.”

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 With the Savings Accountability Full Enforcement (SAFE) California Act set to go before California voters in November, the Diocese of San Bernardino will offer many opportunities for local Catholics to discuss and reflect on the death penalty and why it is opposed by the Church.

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