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Bishop Gerald R. Barnes

By Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes

 Jesus invites us in Matthew’s Gospel to take refuge in him when we are weary and troubled. “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened…,” He calls to us.

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By Most. Reverend Gerald R. Barnes

 We know that as Catholics we will often find ourselves swimming against the tide of modern culture. We are confronted with secularism, relativism, materialism and other “isms” that challenge our belief in a culture of life and dignity for all. Still, Catholics are more integrated in the modern world than ever before – in schools, workplaces and places of social gathering. We are exposed to other value systems and moral opinions, often expressed strongly to us. What do we do? The tide of culture is strong, yet we are called by God to stand up for what is timeless, the worth of every single human person. He asks that we not only carry this belief in our hearts but that we pursue it as a matter of justice in our communities and beyond.

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